Sumesh’s 50th Birthday


Rhea’s new picture pose.


She is now bored.


All smiles. From left to right…. Nutty, Suman, Charu and no-idea.


Charu, Rhea and Suman


Best friends


Something really really funny happened.


All formal and “quiet”


Suman and kids


Dance moves by Rhea – Robot like.


Totally Robot like.


Charu’s snake dance


Bored? Happy? Can’t tell.


Rhea Singing

Rhea at her Christmas recital. She had a sore throat so a lot of highs in the song were removed by her teacher. We offered her to back out and I am glad to say that she refused to do so.

Rhea’s First Recital

My daughter, Rhea recently started vocal lessons and gave her first recital a month ago. She finally gave me her permission to post the video here.

I thought the piano was too loud. Other than that, I loved the fact that she was able to stand in front of people and sing.


Daughter’s Birthday.

These days hosting a kids birthday party is soooo darn easy.

Book a trampoline place : check

Get a birthday cake : check

Invite kid’s friends : check

Order a pizza, fruit and chips : check, check and check

Pay : cheque (sorry couldn’t resist ;) )

Drink the insipid coffee at the trampoline place : check

First some stretching


Then some jumping


Then some cake


Then cut the cake


Play a truth/dare game

Then watch the truth/dare game escalate to a cake fight.

DSC_2871 DSC_2874 DSC_2876

But in the end it is quite endearing to watch the children have a great time!

Happy birthday kiddo!

Minds Of Children

My daughter got a book from the library titled “I Survived The Attacks Of11SEP2001”. Why she picked this book, I have no idea but I think the covermight have had something to do with it. Tall buildings on fire; People running; bold letters of the book title in red.

She read the first chapter and suddenly, she was full of questions. Why it happened? How it happened?

And this question really threw me off : “Did they arrest the pilots?”

In the mind of a child, there is no concept of mass murder, no concept of someone deliberately harming another human being for no reason. In the mind of a child, your actions may lead to damage (even that is alittle hard for a child to comprehend “why would they hit the buildings?”) but everyone has to face the music after the act.In the mind of a child everyone is pure. It is us adults who ruin that feeling and ruin the mindset that is desperately needed.

But then again, she needs to see what the world really is….sometimes a beautiful place and sometimes a heartless monster. I can only hope her thoughts will remain on track that they are on right now for as long a possible.