Christie Blatchford


It was at that point that the Air Canada clerk at Gate 27 approached me.

“Excuse me,” he said, “you can’t say those words. Those words are illegal.”

“What words?” I asked, bewildered, given that by then I’d said probably 2,000 words.

“Suicide bombing,” he whispered.

Now, I know of course one is not to make jokes or threats about bombs at airports, and properly so. But I hadn’t been doing that, rather recounting some of the public evidence heard that day at a public trial in the nation’s capital.

“That’s not illegal,” I snapped, barely restraining myself from adding “You ninny.” Besides, I told him, I was a reporter telling another reporter about my work day, which was true enough.

“Do you want me to call security?” he asked primly. “I’m supposed to call security in these situations.”

“You do what you like,” I said, talked to Rose a bit longer, then sat down and resumed reading my book.

About 10 minutes later, a fellow passenger warned me that she thought the clerk had called security. I couldn’t believe it, and kept reading, and sure enough, within a few minutes, a young woman with a walkie-talkie in her hands (I guess so if I suddenly turned into a human missile she could call for help) asked to speak to me. She’d had a report about “an incident,” she said. So I told her through gritted teeth what had happened, she magnanimously agreed it was “not illegal” to say what I’d said, apologized and went on her way.

When we boarded a little later, I asked for the ninny’s name. He refused and hissed, “If you make a scene, I’ll call the pilot and you won’t be flying tonight.”

I was so very tempted to tell him to go ahead, but I knew he probably would do it and I wanted badly to get home, so held my tongue. I was quietly praising myself for my steely calm when another passenger remarked, “I didn’t know you were an anarchist, Christie.”

Here is the comment I left :

I despise Chritie’s comments, I think DiManno is a douche bag and Steyn is a racist. However, we need these voices. We need them to remind us that there are people out there who still think that racism is ok and being one is very, very “brave”.

I would, however, prefer that these commentators be a little more consistent. The other day Chritie wanted Canadians to be less polite and now she is complaining about a `less polite`Canadian. The other day DiManno said that everything is going fine in Afghanistan and a week later soldiers are being killed, Taliban breaks out of jail and Dimanno bemoans lack of security in her next column. And Steyn. Oh boy, some are racists subtly, but this guy wears it on his sleeve.

I am brown and I would gladly (and have) submit to racial profiling at the airport. It is annoying, humiliating and embarrassing esp. when my daughter is with me. And all because I worked in the UAE for 3 years. I don`t like it but it`s the sign of the times. And I am not even a muslim.

So for all the times that you white folk have been stepped on lightly by airport security, we brown folks have had to endure much worse. So stop whinning and get back to your lattes and newspaper at the airport while we are subjected to intimidating interviews. we will try not to delay your flights.

Bobby Jindal

I know the immigrant community in Louisiana (and elsewhere) must be really excited about Bobby Jindal as a prospective VP nomination for US. It must be so exciting to see a bonafied second generation immigrant coming so close to power and who knows, maybe even THE power one day.

But when someone says something incredibly stupid and dumb like this, how can that person be even considered for a post as powerful as the VP? It’s a simple question and all his supporters, especially among the immigrant supporters, need to answer this CAAAAAAREFULLY.

Oh Those Con-servatives In The Wind

And then they wonder why they don’t win an outright majority……

OTTAWA — Next time you’re listening to your favourite radio phone-in show, those pro-Conservative opinions you hear from callers might not be as spontaneous as they sound.

Some of those apparently ad-libbed musings are actually being choreographed at the Conservative Party of Canada’s national headquarters.

For Conservative supporters, the process is as simple as 1-2-3.

Surf the party website. Type in your postal code. Click on a topic you’d like to discuss on the radio.

And the website spits out the times, phone numbers, and names of local talk shows to call — along with a handy list of good things to say about the Conservatives and bad things to say about their opponents. The website includes similar advice for letter-writers to newspapers.

The system has been in place for months but an Ottawa-area talk show host first raised it with listeners Tuesday after learning about it.

The Conservatives describe the practice as state-of-the-art politicking. A party spokesman said the practice offers enhanced transparency, and is used elsewhere in the world.

Would that practice be from….oh I don’t know….the USA? Hmmmm, Mr. Harper, did you steal another page from Boy George?

The Transformer

Congratulation Prime Minister Stephen Harper!! Congrats!! Your transformation to Bush is almost complete.

KAMPALA — Commonwealth leaders agreed to a much watered-down agreement on climate change after Prime Minister Stephen Harper resisted any reference to binding targets on greenhouse gas emissions.

But Mr. Harper said that he could not agree to the original proposal which put binding commitments on some large greenhouse-gas emitters and not for others.

“We will not agree to a framework that binds some countries and not others because that is a recipe for failure on the issue of climate change,” he told reporters. “We already have a protocol like that and it doesn’t work. We need a protocol that involves everyone.”

The earlier resolution would have committed developed countries to binding targets but not developing countries. Canada argued that the deal was unfair because it excluded India, a Commonwealth member and one of the world’s biggest polluters.

And here is Bush saying the exact same thing in 2001.

As you know, I oppose the Kyoto Protocol because it exempts 80 percent of the world, including major population centers such as China and India, from compliance, and would cause serious harm to the U.S. economy. The Senate’s vote, 95-0, shows that there is a clear consensus that the Kyoto Protocol is an unfair and ineffective means of addressing global climate change concerns.

Hence, until the poor countries do the same thing the first world countries are need to do, no matter how much it might cost these third world countries in the short term, the fierce leaders of the first world countries will not care a fuck about the future.

The Amazing Super Stupid Conservative

From CC we have the crazy dumb conservative of the day. This woman has an article that clearly illustrates why the insanely crazies come from the right.

So, because there have been a few accidents with wind turbines, it’s time to declare that the whole experiment was wrong. She, of course, does not come out and say it but it is clearly in tune with this wingnut blog (and her comrades come out and say what she is not saying).

Rachel Marsden

How is it that I can wish someone who looks like this die an horrendous death.

An excerpt from her article :

According to the Geneva Convention, prisoners of war are afforded certain protections. But contrary to what some folks might believe, we’re not talking about prisoners of war here. In the war on terror, we’re dealing largely with “unlawful enemy combatants” — unaccountable freelancers who dress like they’re coming out of philosophy class at UC Berkeley.

If you want full legal protections that come with engaging in legitimate warfare, then go join an army and put on a uniform so that Western forces can spot you before you head into a civilian centre with a bomb strapped to yourself and blow up innocent people

I’m not sure how folks who are critical of the CIA’s interrogation techniques would suggest eliciting intelligence from guys like this. Perhaps by offering him some tasty snacks and the love and understanding that he lacked as a child?

The CIA doesn’t do what they do for kicks. As CIA Director Michael Hayden explained the other day, interrogation techniques serve a purpose.

So now that we’ve established that the detainees in question aren’t even protected by the Geneva convention, and that they often have crucial information that can save lives, what about the idea of waterboarding as “torture”?

When asked about it during a recent CNN appearance, I suggested that “one man’s torture is another’s CIA-sponsored swim lesson.” In case anyone thought I was being facetious — I wasn’t.

I suppose that those who object to terror suspects getting water up the nose would say that, as a young competitive swimmer, I was also tortured. It was called “hypoxic training” — swimming underwater and holding our breath until we passed out. Our coaches didn’t call it torture, just an exercise in “mental toughness.” So think of it this way — terror suspects are getting some free mental toughness training courtesy of the U.S. government.

I am glad you were fired Ms . Marsden. It is imperitive that shit like you flows to were it belongs… the sewer. Here is her latest crap after she was fired. Waah Waah Waah.


…….bullshit continues in the US.

Many politicians and pundits in Washington have ignored perhaps the most important point made by Gen. David Petraeus in his recent congressional testimony: The defeat of al Qaeda in Iraq requires a combination of conventional forces, special forces and local forces. This realization has profound implications not only for American strategy in Iraq, but also for the future of the war on terror.

Yet despite the undeniable successes the new strategy has achieved against al Qaeda in Iraq, many in Congress are still pushing to change the mission of U.S. forces back to a counterterrorism role relying on special forces and precision munitions to conduct targeted attacks on terrorist leaders. This change would bring us back to the traditional, consensus strategy for dealing with cellular terrorist groups like al Qaeda–a strategy that has consistently failed in Iraq.

And of course NO ONE realised before Gen. Petraeus that the correct strategy was to do whatever crap Kagan just said. My God, these guys just never know when to stop bullshitting. It’s another Friedman Unit after another!!

Misplaced Priorities

Over the last year or so we, as other couples with children 6 years old or less, have been receiving $100 each month under the universal child care program. This was part of the $5 billion plan (for 5 years) laid out by the previous liberal government to create a country wide network of subsidised daycare facility something on similar layout as the one that exists in

Elections took place and the conservatives came to power who then looked at the plan for a full 2 minutes and gave it a deep-thought analysis while taking a piss and decided it was a bad idea. But since the legislation was already in place and the money allotted, the compassionate Tories decided to do what any government would do with extra cash. They decided to (create a new vote bank by buying the votes of young couples) give the money back to hard working young couples who would decide what to do with it. I mean the young parents could use the money to finance their gambling, alcoholism, smokes, debts, toys for kids, books for kids, etc. no questions asked.

Has this “gift” benefited the kids directly? No one knows and no one cares since the money is no longer is in control of a central authority, like a government commissioned committee. The parents could use the money to put the children to day care centres even though the $1200 a year would help finance the costs for day cares facility for exactly one and a half month (at $800/month for a good day care center).

Having dished the conservatives, I must say it is always nice to receive extra cash in our household. I had no complaints (although I did have a few misgivings) about that decision especially when the conservatives announced early last year that in addition to the Universal Child Care program, at least 125,000 child care spots will be created (in the form of subsidies to
businesses) in 5 years. ABRACADABRA!!! Problem solved.

In your face…..Liberals… your face.

That’s how you solve problems. Give sops to businesses and they will come through for families with flying colours regardless of how it affects their bottom lines.

Except….er….from a few days ago.

OTTAWA – A much-touted promise by the federal Conservatives to create 125,000 new child-care spaces may not be doable, suggests Social Development Minister Monte Solberg.

The Conservatives have been slammed by critics who say the government’s approach won’t create nearly that many spaces over five years. “We have to be realistic,” Solberg said Wednesday when asked if an election vow made 18 months ago can be kept.

He then firmly passed the buck to his provincial cousins.

“You know, the people who are the primary deliverers of child-care spaces are the provinces.

Ooooopsie!!! Oh well, the provinces can manage this problem. Isn’t that what these guys specialise in? Passing the buck?

Harper’s Promises

How many times will Harper and his government disappoint his voters? Here is another let down by the conservatives.

The Tories announced a $900-million aid package for Canada’s defence and aerospace industry, with most of the money going to businesses in the politically key province of Quebec.

The money, to be spent over five years, will go to research and development under the Strategic Aerospace and Defence Initiative, a repayable contribution program.

The surprise is not that the subsidies are being moved to Quebec. The surprise is (or is it really?) the fact that the Conservatives have renegaded on another election promise :

i) The Conservative Party favours reducing subsidies to for-profit businesses. We believe it will be possible to not only reduce, but eventually to eliminate subsidies to for-profit businesses by focusing on improving overall economic growth through facilitating competition, improving productivity, streamlining regulation and fostering innovation in concert with free and fair trade agreements.

And, yet again, politics takes the upper hand!!