Sad But True

This is quite the norm. I have seen it numerous times as I work on the IT side in banks albiet in a different form. A lot of my colleagues are on work visa and are paid 2/3rd of what I am paid. Eventually I know I will be let go and another person will be hired in my place. Sad but true. And there is nothing I can do about it. Everything is legal. Welcome to the new Canada.

The big banks she has worked for under contract don’t bring in temporary foreign workers to take Canadian jobs. Rather they send those jobs abroad through what they call “preferred vendors,” such as the India-based outsourcing firm iGate.
True, these preferred vendors may temporarily import foreign managers to organize the job drain. But typically, such managers do not stay long.
More to the point, the lower-paid foreigners who will eventually do the actual work rarely, if ever, set foot in Canada.

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