Music I Am Listenning To These Days

Holy cow… everywhere so little time!! Anyway here are some of my favourites for the moment :

Downloaded this album on a whim. Emusic sampling sounded good so thought I give it a try. Wow! Talk about doom and gloom! Love it!

And what’s a year without another Bob Dylan album. Is it just me or he has consistently got better and better since “Time Out Of Mind (1997)”. I first listened to his album on today’s early morning run. Despite the fact that it was depressing for early morning (his album is more suited for 10pm listen after a shot of whiskey), I was again, blown away.

Where do you go when you want rock and roll? You go to The Heavy.

dEus. Following sea. Why do I like this album? Punchy, groovy music and lyrics alternate between anti war & love sick lover. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but I adore this album.

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