Wikileaks And The Consequences

For those living under a rock, Wikileaks began releasing diplomat cables from governments around the world. Wikileaks has promised release of 250,000 cables (they have released around 700 so far) and politicians have begun operation CYA (Cover Your Ass) in full earnest everywhere. Wikileaks and it’s founder, Assange, have been trashed quite a bit in the mainstream media here in the west and prominent politicians and talk show hosts have asked for Assange’s blood. Interpol issued a “Red Notice” based on rape charges being pursued by the Swedes.

First of all does Assange control the Wikileaks foundation? No one knows. Some say he is just a figure head while some say he is the founding member. Either way the problem is that the politicians are only looking at the
person and not trying to understand what Wikileaks stands for!

Wikileaks has done what all newspaper journalists used to do since the advent of journalism. Pry open government secrets and lay it out in the open for everyone to see. The only difference is that Wikileaks has pried open government secrets in an unprecedented amount instead of a leak hereor a leak there as it used to be a few years ago. So why exactly is this a problem? I have no answer for it. This is just posturing by politicians who need a reason to posture. This leak harms no one but embarrasses the hell out of all the major governments around the world. And I love it.

Which is why when kicked wikileaks off Amazon Web Services at the behest of J. Lieberman. So I did what a good citizen should do, abandon Amazon. I have cancelled my account from and and I hope you do the same. These phuqers need to be kicked where it hurts, the bottom line. Here is the text I sent :

Please close/delete my account with and

The reason is your irrational decision to kick away wikileaks from AWS. So much for "freedom of expression". I will not buy from Amazon anymore and will make sure that I advertise your pitiful politicking to everyone I know. Good bye.

Please confirm you have deleted my account and all my credit card information.

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