Grinderman – Concert Review

Well, I did it! I watched the first concert ever, all by myself! I had been purchasing tickets throughout the summer (always a pair of tickets hoping to convince someone to go with me) but I would always back out. This time I bought just one ticket and I made it to the show.

Grinderman is one of those bands that proves that noise rock is not the purview of the young only. I know Nick Cave is around 60 and the other band members looked more than 40 so I am guessing the average age is around 50. But they could put all the young guns to shame, easily.

The band started off with their opening track on their second album “Mickey Mouse And The Goodbye Man” and right away Warren Ellis (the lead guitarist, violinist, percussionist etc.) stood out as musician extraordinaire and stole the show. His use of feedback was amazing!! He was prancing around the stage as if in a trance and looked like he was having a mighty good time! If I were to be a musician in my alternate life, I would like to be as good as Warren.

That does not mean that the other musicians were sloppy in any way or form. Nick Cave has a commanding presence on stage with his haunting voice (surprisingly his voice sounded almost like on the album) and his interplay with the audience keeps them on their feet. The drummer and the bassist were tight and solid providing the perfect backbone to the two wild performers.

I should force myself to arrive late to these concerts. I mean the concert was advertised to start at 8pm. I reached at around 8:45 thinking that they would start soon. However, they did not start until 10:15pm!!!! WTF!!! They had an opening act (which was never advertised and by the groans around me, it was obvious none knew there was to be an opening act) who was on (it was a single person playing a weird air instrument) for about 40 minutes or so. I was ready to leave by 10pm but I kept telling myself “it’s Grinderman. It’s Grinderman. It’s Grinderman.”

Overall, I would give this show 8 out of 10. Excellent!

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