Some Bloggers Just Make Me Mad

Here is an outrageous post from blogger from Malaysia. Here is a snippet of the post to understand the context of my response.

As I said : there is little care or concern for the human being in Indian society. Despite India being an old civilization, being a land of sages and stuff, they really don’t care too much about human beings.

I could not have agreed with you more about the CWG until you started to make inane statements like “little concern for human beings in Indian society” AND “Tens of millions of Indians still sleep out in the streets at night. No one cares for them” OR how Indians have a space program but no flushable toilets AND the icing on the cake, comparing how better off Chinese are in China as compared to Indians in India.

These statements demonstrate what a class A moron you are. Painting an entire population of India as pathetic and unintelligent and snobbish after meeting a few Indians in conferences. Wow! What a leap of conclusion!!

Are you telling me there are no poor in Malaysia and China? Please!

Malaysia has been shoving the poor under the carpet for years. And China? “Oh no, how can Chinese be poor, they have the fastest growing economy”. If that’s your attitude, please get your prescription medication refilled as soon as possible. Read this article and open your rose coloured eyes.

Are you telling me that the politicians of Malaysia and China actually put the welfare of the citizens of those countries before their own power? That’s a phuqing laugh. Chinese people enjoy limitless freedom with respect to politics, press, reproductive rights and…..oh man, must have dosed off and started to dream! And Malaysia? Malaysian politicians do not believe in coruption, or a firm hold to power. Do you want to ask Anwar Ibrahim what he thinks of the Malaysian politicians?

Are you telling me that a country should put a halt on all progress with respect to science, space exploration, nuclear exploration and put all it’s effort on poor?  This is a very difficult question to answer. In my view India’s efforts in this matter have been negligible and that is what worries me the most. No matter how well India does as a whole, some it’s citizens are in a fierce cycle of poverty that cannot be broken. Does that mean that India should neglect all areas and focus on solely on poverty. That my friend is called, a small vision. What good would it be for the poor in India if the country has no solid infrastructure, no industry, no scope for growth after poverty issue has been addressed? I have no illusions that poverty is one of India’s main problem in this centuary.

The main problem I have with your post is your portrayal of a typical Indian as being inhumane. How you arrived at that conclusion is beyond me. I agree with you completely that Indians by and large are apathetic people. But I would say that that is a global issue. Not only Indians, human beings by and large are apathetic, and yes, that includes Malaysians and Chinese.

So cut the BS with name calling. It is very easy to blame but difficult to look in the mirror and recoganise your own faults.

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