More Misc Links and Random Comments

  • Try as I might, I can never get away from a cup of joe from Timmies. It’s just too darn delicious!! And with the convenience of having a store at every corner, you litterly, cannot escape from the clutches of Timmies. Here is a great article on the company. The article has done a fair job of displaying Tim Horton’s progression through the years and has not held back the punches. Here is what the franchisees face :

Tim Hortons has its franchisees locked down, too. There are the little things, like surprise “Always Fresh” audits that grade franchisees on how long customers wait at the drive-thru, the amount of time a pot of coffee is allowed to sit around, and whether there are weeds in the parking lot or graffiti in the bathroom. And there are the big things, like an ironclad franchisee agreement that maximizes profits flowing to head office in Oakville, Ontario. Store owners pay royalties of between 3.5% and 4.5% of gross sales, plus another 8.5% to cover rent. That’s on top of an average $450,000 franchise fee to get started. The company brings in yet another steady stream of income as the exclusive supplier to its franchisees: coffee, cold cuts, soup, bagels, doughnuts, pastries and buns. All of which come at a markup that some franchisees claim borders on gouging—but more on that later.

Not exactly the model I would support except my brain does not listen to me :(. And I don’t understand why the author has titled the piece “How Tim Horton’s Will Take Over The World”. I mean, is the world US and Canada only? There is mention of franchisees in China and India but has anyone seen Tim Horton’s in these or other countries?

10 years ago I was in charge of making sure that new rates were applied to an accounting table before a batch process was to run the same night. I applied the rates… the wrong table!! The problem was not noticed until 10 days later and the entire production was scrapped and had to be entered again for the last two weeks!! Needless to say I was not very popular amongst the customer service department and was able to get away with it because I was only a month old in the company!

  • Book I am currently reading : The Way The Crow Flies. Really amazing story about an innocence lost. At a few points the imagery was so powerful that I actually considered stopping. I am glad I did not!
  • What is with the weather in Toronto these days? I mean it’s 31 C (39 C with humidity) in the end of Sep!!!! Not that I am complaining. I remember last year. Good god that was an awful summer. Anyway, just walked past a shooting taking place on Queen St. and Spadina where there was ice lying all around and the extras were in heavy winter clothing!! I felt so sorry for them. And I did not see any stars :(

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