Running Updated : Where I list me excuses on my lack of focus on my training

So how is my running going in the previous months. Pathetic.

I had thought this would be the year where I would take a big leap as far as distances were concerned. I had thought I would be able to attain my goal of running a marathon. Alas, it is not going to happen.

The problem is my training or rather my lack of focus on the training.

A few months ago I met John Stanton (at the Mississauga marathon expo) and we had a few minutes’ worth of chat but it was enough to get me super fired up about running a marathon in the coming months. And in the intervening month or so, I was able to institute a program that I stuck to quite diligently. And then I got a job.

The job ensured I would be able to put food on the table and pay my electricity and water bills, but my training took a back seat. Can’t run in the evenings at all because my wife works till 7:30pm and does not get back home till 8pm. Can only try and run early mornings but since I need to get on the GO train by 7:15am, that means I have to make sure I go to sleep early to get up early. And that is not feasible all the time since I do my studying and social networking and movies and music and blogging etc. at night time (since all these are totally off limits at work, I need to do all this at night time).

So, in this state of preparedness, I ran the Midsummer Night Run on the 21st, Aug. I ran the 30K leg thinking that I would probably be able to complete the run in 3 to 3:15 hours. And I thought I could use this to test my legs for the full marathon. Boy was I over confident!!

By 22K, I was cursing out loud enough for my fellow runners to overhear me. And each one of them bucked me up and I thank them all. I just was not prepared at all. And the run itself really bought me down. I mean, it was not until 9:07pm that I finished my run and I hate running late in the evening. I just did not account for that fact when I signed up for the run. And the weather was just downright awful. Intermittent rain, windy and a little chilly.

So all these factors have added up together to convince me not to run the full in Sep as I had originally planned. I will be running a half and try and get a PB in the run. Other than that, I will try and focus on a full marathon next year.

Woe is me!

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