Man, I really need to loosen my blogging muscles! Ok, here goes.

Been a few changes in my life in the past 1 month or so. First and foremost, my wife has completed her education in New York and is back permanently in Canada. Now begins the arduous task of finding a job. It is not easy, I have to confess. There are jobs for dentists in GTA but in the last few years, Dentists have become a dime and dozen in this area. I havebeen trying to push her into trying for jobs more west of Toronto so hopefully she will get a good job in a month or so and I breath a sigh of relief :)

This is the year!!! This is the year I finally go for a visit to India!!!  Man, whenever I think about visiting India I get the chills. I am planning for a trip to India sometime in end of November for 3 weeks with my daughter. One of my cousin is getting married in December so it would be fun to attend the wedding and Rhea would get a chance to meet the whole family as it gathers under one tent. I have started the application to apply for dual citizenship so the process has begun. Woohoo!

Made a change in my job. I am now working at the IT department for a international bank in downtown Toronto. The work is pretty good so far. I can chalk up a new technology on my resume. Colleagues are nice andfriendly and diverse! White guys, brown guys, black guys, yellow guys……but severe lack of women :(

Running is going on well. Not as good as I had expected. I had thought thatonce my wife is back I would be able to focus on myself but things have not got back on track on the home front. We are still trying to figure out howto live together after 3 years apart. It’s a challenge and my theory is that it will remain a challenge until my wife gets a job.

Football World Cup 2010!!! I wait for this event every 4 years and followit fervently. I have no clue about the teams, the players the odds etc. I just want to watch the game. And it never fails to excite.

Will turn to regular blogging soon.

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