May Madness

Quick round up what I am listening to these days :

1) Broken Social Scene (Forgiveness Rock Record)

Finally!! Finally!! They have released an album. Woohoo!! I heard this album a little while ago when it was being streamed at, so I had an idea of how good the album sounded. But listening to it multiple times has made me realise that this album is probably the 2nd best in their arsenal (the best being You Forget It In People). And yes, I have included the “solo” efforts by Brendan Canning (excellent album) and Kevin Drew (amazing album!!).

The album has everything that can be expected from them….foot thumping music, spacey guitar work, dreamy vocals, completely mismatched songs, cacophony up the yin yang and power chords where required. The continued presence of more commercially successful artist (Emily Haines, Leslie Feist and Amy Millian) in the album makes it sound better and delivers on every note. All songs work but then again, I have been a big fan of BSS so I am biased. Highly recommended.

2) The Pack A.D. (We Kill Computers)

I had been listening to CBC radio 3 top 30 on my iPod and I was barely paying attention to it. Radio 3 does that sometime. Even though the focus is on indie music scene, sometimes, it is boring and dull. And that’s what was happening on a lazy afternoon when all of sudden BOOOOM. Pack A.D.’s song from their new album came on. I forget which one it was but all I could think of listening to that song was, man, I have to get this album.

After downloading their previous effort Funeral Mixtapes, my respect and love for this band was reinforced and after giving their latest album a few listens, I have become a big fan of this band. Definitely  in my top 5 Canadian bands in the last two years or so.

The album is packed with power riffs, big drumming and LOUD vocals. Never a dull moment in the album even when it slows down for a couple of songs. They have been compared unfairly to The White Stripes and  The Black Keys. As far as the format is concerned, yes, it’s a duo with only a guitar and drums like the other two bands. But that’s where the similarity ends. They are not as bluesy as The Black Keys and they are not as eclectic as The White Stripes (not yet). And even though I love Meg White’s drumming, the drummer of Pack A.D. is far more superior to Meg White’s drumming. All I know is that  they CAN play a mean tune and I am sure their worst critics tap their feet along with their music.

To be continued………

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