Rhea’s Music Tastes

As an addendum to my previous post, I wanted to note the music that my daughter is listening to these days. The artists she follows are

– Jonas Brothers

– Taylor Swift

– Lady Gaga (minus the videos)

– Miley Cyrus

It’s lovely to see her musical horizons broaden from school poems to pop music. I can only hope that trend continues and she does not get stuck in this one dimensional music. Having said that, I can understand it’s appeal. Simple chords and easy to understand lyrics. After having heard Taylor Swift’s Tear Drops On My Guitar 10,000 times, I quite like that song now.

And thank god for YouTube! There is no way I am going to spend money on this music so Rhea goes to youtube and listens to the songs from that site. I have the parental controls set on (although the one by Windows is not very good) cause I do not want her to see videos she is not supposed to see. I mean there is no way in the world I will let her watch Lady Gaga’s videos. You cannot convince me that they are ok for a 6 year old.

One song she constantly listens to these days is Stupid In Love. I think it’s by Rhianna. She loves it because I once proclaimed that saying bad words in songs is ok and now when she sings that song “I am stuuuuupid in love” she always gives me that impish grin as if daring me to contradict myself. So far I have been shaking my head but if this song is heading to the top of the charts in her mind, then I might have to clamp down pretty soon.

I do like the fact that we discussed the song at length after listening to the lyrics. I explained that it seems that her boyfriend/husband was mean to her and thinks she is stupid and she is being ironic when she sings those lyrics. That really upset Rhea. “Why would a boyfriend say such mean things?” Oh my dear baby, you are growing up too fast to learn about adult issues.

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