Rhea – Showing Signs Of Maturity

Watching Rhea grow up is amazing. Here are some of things she has done that make me immensely proud of her.

Her favourite book these days is Rise And Shine Bunny. In the book a bunny rabbit wants to sleep late on a holiday and his mother allows him and goes to another room with the other kids.

At the end of the book the bunny rabbit realizes his mistake and apologises to his mom and his brothers at the dinning table. At this point Rhea stopped from reading and asked “papa, where is the father?”

“what do you mean?”

She said “how can mommy bunny take care of 4 children? Why is the father bunny not there to help? He must be a meany father”. And she continued the conversation in this line asking that on each picture in the book there was no father and the mommy was soing work lile making food and doing the laundary.

I was amazed at the perception by a 6 year old about the work involved in raising kids and the fact one of parents was missing.

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