An Update On Movies I Have Been Watching

Who knows when my next job would start so better to pack my time with a refresher course on .Net and SQL Servers and catch up on all the movies I can. So without further preamble from me here is what I have watched.

(Warning I have tried to keep away from revealing too much in the movies but it’s a slippery slope and I may have slipped once or twice)

1) Creation

My fascination with the science of evolution continues unabated. The idea that life and beauty we see around is a product of a simple yet a powerful mechanism is astounding! I have tried to follow the intricacies of evoutionary science but, man, it’s really tough. So I concentrate on the human side of evolutionary sciences. And the life of Charles Darwin is always so very fascinating.

As part of the 150 year anniversary of Darwin`s birthday, the movie Creation (starring Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelley) was released .

The movie works on three different levels. The relationship between Darwin and his pious and religious wife who is convinced Charles will go to hell. The relationship between Darwin and his dead beloved daughter. And Charles’s relationship with his literary supporters who are pushing him to finish his book. To me the movie was a wonderful interaction between these three story threads and Bettany does amazing job portraing the struggles of Charles Darwin as he tries to balance these three issues in his life. The most moving, of course, was his relationship with his dead daughter and the scene where he finally forces himself to confront the room where his daughter died while he was narrating her favourite story was heartbreaking.

The movie did have some flaws. I mean, why would an ”anti-religion” movie have a walking talking ghost/hallucination in it? That was a little over the top and I did not like that part. Other than that, there were a few scenes that were obviously fake (i.e. they never happened in Darwin’s life) and that put me off a bit too.

But overall, I loved the movie and I would give it 8 out of 10 stars!!

2) In The Loop

Aah, the Iraq war of 2003. What a wonderful time it was when everyone was backstabbing everyone else, when everyone was bullying everyone else, when decorated soldiers where licking the boots of kid politicians. And this movie portrays this period perfectly and with such sharp wit that I had to pause it a few times just to catch my breath.

The movie is about the how the burreaucrats and minor politicans play a crucial part in passing the UN resolution condemning Iraq and basically giving the US President and the UK Prime Minister the go ahead to attack Iraq. The back ground shenenigans illuminated in the movie are so funny and so hilarious that you wonder if it’s actually true!!

By far the funniest movie I have seen in a long long long long time!! 9 out of 10 stars.

3) Rocket Singh Sales Man Of The Year

Bollywood has transformed over the last few years and here is another example why. An excellent portrayal of the chronic corruption in Indian private sector which is always said to be the “saviour” of Indian economy. As everyone in India knows nothing is “non-corruptable”. So this is a refreshing movie where the lead character refuses to act dishonestly and eventually wins. The important part of the movie was bringing up other vital issues like sexism and racism (please, making fun of Sikhs IS racism). Which is why making the lead character a Sikh (in a serious movie, Sikh lead characters have been portrayed in mainstream movies as goofy fun loving guys), is a break through.

The major flaw of the movie is that the lead character tries to win honestly by un ethical means. By that I mean, if you have going to use the current company`s resources and clients for your own gain, then it`s unethical and wrong. But the directors and writers smooth that over by the lead character maintaining ”an account” of the resouces used so that he might pay back at a later date. Fortunately, the director and writers redeemed themselves by making sure that the law got hold of the lead character before the situation resolved itself.

8 out of 10 stars.

I will be watching An Education and Coraline soon and will be posting on these movies.

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