For some reason I am really missing India a lot these days. I guess not having visited my place of birth for 7 years would bring about the yearning. A part of it is because the places I used to love in India have gone through a drastic change (as everyone loves to tell me) and I want to compare the changes with the image in my mind. My hometown of Patiala, as my folks say is now unrecognisable. The places I used to hang as a youth have either been razed or have been altered drastically. Another place I really want to visit at my hometown is the engineering college I used to attend. I have a lot of wonderful memories of that place and visiting it after 7 years would surely bring all those memories rushing back into my mind. And to be able to share them with my daughter, who will be with me, is something I am looking forward to.

Delhi is another place where I want to spend some time. Again, a lot of memories. Delhi was the place where I really matured (stop snickering, mom and dad). I had a lot of tough decisions to make in Delhi and more often than not, I ended up making the wrong decisions. Those were moments that really taught me valuable lessons which I like to think I continue implementing to this day.

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