Been Away For A While But Am Back…..

……so what’s happening in my life?

Well, went to Montreal for a visit. What an awesome place!!! I mean that whole town is geared for tourism. Everything screams “come have fun as long as you spend money here” and we were happy to oblige. Montreal to me is like New York’s alter ego. Fun, but not as fast paced and definitely not as dirty. The only bad experience we had there was when my wife’s purse was stolen from a restaurant when we were in Montreal for only a few hours! Wife was quite upset about it until she realised that she did not lose anything of value. Other than that, we had a great time!!

Montreal is a city that lives and breathes architecture. Beautiful cathedrals, beautiful waterfront, beautiful old Montreal and really, really beautiful Notre Dame. And the people are quite friendly too…..granted we met only the people from the tourism/service sector and never really the “common” folk but the outlook of everyone we met there was sunny (except for the bastards who stole my wife’s purse).

We had taken the VIA train to Montreal. The ride to Montreal was pretty lame because there was a jumper (a suicide!!) on the tracks so the train we were on came to a halt for 3 hours!! After that it was smooth sailing.

Why does one attempt suicide? I have no clue what would push someone to commit this act. Actually I would probably kill myself if anything happened to my daughter.Anyway, I hope this person now rests in peace.

Saw District 9 over the weekend and have named it one my top 10 movies of all time!!! I will not review the movie here as better people have done a better job elsewhere but the story, the presentation style and the excellent acting of the unknown cast is what sets this picture above the likes of other summer projects like G I Joe and Transformers.

Regular postings to follow!

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