Miscellaneous Stuff

Chocked with work for the past 3 days and my daughter’s flu is not helping me be my “cheery” self. Here are some miscellaneous stuff I found over the net in the past few days :

  • Universe exists because we exist. The gist of the article is that in this century, we are going to see a combination of physics (specifically the quantum side of it) with biology. The term coined by the authours is : Biocentrism.
  • No matter which logic one adopts, one has to come to terms with the fact that we are living in a very peculiar cosmos. Biocentrism fits very neatly into the late physicist John Wheeler’s participatory universe belief in which observers are required to bring the universe into existence. In short, you either have an astonishingly improbable coincidence revolving around the fact that the cosmos could have any properties but happens to have exactly the right ones for life, or else you have exactly what must be seen if indeed the cosmos is biocentric.

    The authour then went out to explain in great detail the interaction of quantum science and the philosophy of perceiving an object but he left out how exactly will…….

    ….aspects of biological and physical science which are currently insensible. Natural areas of biocentric research include the realm of brain-architecture, neuroscience, and the nature of consciousness itself.

    affect this new form of science? Maybe he has elaborated in greater detail in his book but I am not very comfortable with this theory. This seems and stinks of a new form of philosophy and not a new science. Anyway, that’s my take. What about you?

A Spanish bar is encouraging clients to insult its staff – and offering free drinks for original or hilarious abuse. “When you come in after work, you can say swear at them and call them bastard or imbecile,” said client Antonio Ossa.

I would go to this bar just to watch the patrons try their best to get a free drink!!!!

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