Saving Ourselves From Ourselves

And they say that we cannot save humanity if we really put our minds to it……..

U.S. and Dutch scientists credit the 193-nation agreement to ban ozone-depleting substances for avoiding nearly catastrophic environmental hazards.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Johns Hopkins University and the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency scientists said if the ozone-banning treaty known as the Montreal Protocol that went into effect in 1989 hadn’t existed, nearly two-thirds of Earth’s ozone would have disappeared by 2065. That would have caused ultraviolet radiation strong enough in mid-latitude cities such as Washington to produce sunburn in just 5 minutes and with DNA mutating UV radiation increasing more than 650 percent, with likely resulting effects on plants, animals and human cancer rates.

So, can we now get to work on global warming too or are we going to continue arguing that it’s not a science, just like skeptics of Ozone depletion claim that it is not science.

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