I was waiting for a few days before writing anything on Obama. Basically waiting for the mania to die down and see what his policies were going.

I thought the speech he gave at the inauguration was exactly what the country and the world needed to hear. What I got from the speech was “don’t think that just because you have thrown out Bush and his policies, your world will become better”. Exactly the right thing to say. I know his presidency comes with huge expectations but to say he would wave his hand and everything will be solved, is just childish and if anyone voted for him for that reason, is an idiot.

The one thing I detested was seeing Rick Warren sharing the public limelight. This is a hateful and spiteful man and I have no idea why Obama’s administration feels the need to coddle up to him. I also do not understand the need for his administration to seek GOP’s advice on running the country. President Obama, you have been given political capital by the citizen of your country, use it.

Having said that, his executive orders and his policies, so far, are certainly keeping up with his image of a progressive and pro-action president. I mean, he is far more presidential in one week than Bush ever was in 8 years!!

Git-mo? On it’s way out.

Science? Back on the agenda.

Middle East? Tough negotiator assigned.

Restrictions on funding for family planning clinics around the world? Gone.

Opening of offshore drilling? Restricted.

And on and on and on. Just google to find the list.

So for all the people who think Obama is naive and does not what he is doing, well, shut the fuck up and let the man do his job. You can question his policies but you can never bring up the bogus argument that the man does not how to be a leader.

As I said before, Obama has done more to raise the stature of US in one week, than Bush ever did in his 8 years in the office.

Here is his first sit down interview with Al-Arabiya Arab TV Network. Isn’t that gesture stronger than anything done by Bush to calm down the arab world about USA? Here’s hoping his presidency will be a resounding success.

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