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Good riddance to bad rubbish.

In another sign of the music industry’s recently announced retreat from a five-year-old antipiracy strategy, the Recording Industry Association of America has dumped the company it used to help it gather evidence for mass lawsuits it filed against people it claimed were illegally uploading copyrighted music. The RIAA long used a company called MediaSentry to troll the Internet in search of people who uploaded large amounts of music.

This company was responsible for:

Is Warner Music, EMI, Vivendi Universal and Sony BMG ‘investigator’ MediaSentry operating illegally in your state?

The Massachusetts State police have already banned the company, it’s been accused of operating without a licence in Oregon, Florida, Texas and New York, and now similar charges have been levelled at it in Michigan.

A complaint was filed by a Recording Industry vs The People reader with the state’s Department of Labor and Economic Growth resulting in confirmation that MediaSentry has no official authorisation to carry out so-called ‘investigations’ there.

“We encourage parties to pursue complaints against unlicensed parties and the local prosecutor,” says the response.

“The prosecutor can prosecute these cases as felonies, with a maximum penalty of a $5,000 fine and/or up to four years in prison.”

The Big 4 and their RIAA are already on very shaky ground with MediaSentry.

Not to change the topic but the subject, I am not a big fan of illegal downloads but I still do it.

I recently downloaded the new Guns & Roses album and gave it a listen before deciding if I want to buy it from a store or not. Thank god I gave it a listen before I purchased it. It would have been a waste of money. In the meantime, I downloaded Beck’s Modern Guilt and loved it!! I then downloaded it legally from amazon.

The music industry is really in doldrums as far their current business model is concerned. They really need to ramp up this digital presence in a way that does not seem like we the customers are being screwed out of our money.

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