Here Are Some Things I Have Learned In The Past 24 Hours (Updated 1st Dec. 2008) (Updated 2nd Dec. 2008)

  1. Terrorism is now a fact of life in India no matter how much India prospers.
  2. Terrorism in India will always, ALWAYS, be supported by countries surrounding India which includes Pakistan, China, Sri Lanka to name a few. But nothing will be done about it because reprecussions of any military action will be met with force from not only the offending country but also but the world at large. And political action is not possible because our politicians lack the imagination. India will continue to take blows.
  3. Twitter is the best place to go if you want up to minute updates of the situation on the ground. I think today the number one traffic generator on Twitter was #Mumbai.
  4. Politicians of the current Congress party are uninspiring and verbal fumblers.
  5. Politicians from the RSS are demagogues and dangerous. I think they are going to use this terrorism act to their advantage in the up coming 2009 election. Look out for Thakeray and co. to completely exploit this day.
  6. Politicians blame everything on Pakistan from the word go. Getting the facts and then starting the blame game is something these idiots are not really familiar with.
  7. Sara Snider of CNN who is in Mumbai covering the Mumbai terrorism, is a fucking moron. See this clip ( Her comment on people “celebrating” outside police lines because they are just curious on lookers was outrageously insensitive. I was really happy to see a brave gentleman interrupt her bullshit on live TV. Kudos to you sir.

Updates to follow.

> The blame game has started. There is no doubt that there was involvement of Pakistan citizens on the attack. I think the question is, is the State of Pakistan involved?

> Will there be a intelligence overhaul? No idea and I don’t think the public will be informed either way. Anyway, if this attack was, as is being reported in the media, from Pakistan, there was no way to prepare for it or avoid it.

> It is important for everyone to understand that the attack hit home for many elite and upper middle class people which changes the whole dimension of this episode and it has the potential to have far reaching effects on how terrorism will be treated in India.

It was easy for the ruling class and the bureaucratic class of India to ignore bomb attacks that took lives of mainly poor people over the last few months but this attack has hit the rulers. And that is pathetic on so many levels. This incident will confirm that a “rich/richer” life in India is worth MORE than a “poor/common man” life. And that will never ever change.

Updated on 2nd Dec. 2008

> So far the best analysis that I have read, regarding the Mumbai attacks is here.

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