Words Of Wisdom

So Harper was caught with his pants down.

Initially I had thought that the language that was used was mostly about the “purchase of uranium by Iraq from Niger” claim. But after seeing the above clip, the wording is not only of the false claim, but basically the Iraq policy.

So claims of plagiarism aside, this leader of ours actually propounded a policy that was wrong on so many levels and we are supposed to trust him to lead us effectively?

The problem I have always had with Harper is his inability to differentiate from hardliners of the world who have time and time again been proven wrong.

How exactly is he different from McCain who claims “fundamentals are strong” from “the Prime Minister, called for a “sober analysis” but stressed Canada’s economic fundamentals are sound and the finances of the average Canadian household are not at risk.” How long due think that Canadian economy will remain insulated from a melt down in the US?


Having said that, none of the other leaders have an actual plan in their agenda in case the credit crunch comes knocking hard on Canadian shores. So far everyone (including Harper) are criticizing the US administration.

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