Barry Interesting Survey

Heard the Barry Taylor’s “Barry Interesting Survey” on this week and the question was :

“Who is a better song writer? Jack White or Kurt Cobain?”

Of course, he asked this question smack in the middle of’s honouring Nirvana’s release of Never Mind which kind of rankled a lot of listeners.

Here is my humble opinion on the matter.

I think Jack White is a better song writer than Kurt Cobain. I mean, only Jack White can take a Mariachi Band and make it sound so fucking cool.

But here is one thing that Jack White cannot do. He can NEVER, EVER become a spokesperson for a generation simply because his songs and his whole personality is “populist” in nature. There is nothing wrong with that image, in fact I like Jack White’s flamboyant style of singing and performances. But Cobain’s music and his lifestyle is what legends are made of. His music struck a cord in everyone (including my mom, who loved Smells Like Teen Spirit – probably because it grew on her when I listened to the song 20 times a day!!). His rejection of the media only fueled that rebel image which appealed to all the young “rejects/Gen-x” of 1992 when the economy was reeling from the Gulf War I and the recession.

Both Jack White and Kurt Cobain excel in their respective areas. Only, Cobain’s music was able to transcend beyond the sound into the lives of millions of youth. Jack’s music will remain only in our CD players.

Changing the topic but not the subject, I am going to see My Bloody Valentine tonight in Toronto!!!! Have been waiting eagerly for that show for the last month. Will be posting about the show tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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