Only In India

Lynching is alive and kicking in India

A day after the tragic death of Graziano Trasmissioni Chief Executive Officer LK Chaudhary inside the factory and at the hand of his own employees, 136 sacked employees have been arrested.

The incident has stunned the corporate world and raised a disturbing question: could the tragedy have been averted if the police had reached on time?

Chaudhary, say his friends, was a mild mannered man. The 48-year-old CEO of Graziano Trasmissioni led a 1000-strong work force. The violence on Monday inside the plant not only claimed Chaudhury’s life, it also sent 26 of his employees to the hospital including 10 who are in the ICU.

Mob mentality is a really dangerous thing especially so in India where passions can be raised quickly. And boneheaded statements from politicians like this really do not help.

Describing the killing of L.K. Chaudhury, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of an Italy-based company Graziano Transmissioni in Greater Noida as a fallout of the “simmering discontent among the workers,” the government on Tuesday said, this should serve as a warning for managements.

“It is my appeal to the managements that the workers should be dealt with compassion,” Minister of Labour and Employment (Independent charge) Oscar Fernendes told journalists here.

There are disparities in the wages of permanent employees, contract and temporary workers. The workers should not be pushed so hard that they resort to whatever that had happened in Greater Noida, he said.

Only an uneducated fool or a pandering politician could say something so monumentally stupid. Never mind that the company carried out a legit action by firing workers it does not need. I am sure that workers must have been peeved, after all they are the ones who lost their lively hood, but does that really justify beating and killing the management?

This is one aspect I really hate about us Indians. We get inflammed, incensed very easily with deadly consequences. Am wrong in picking on Indians? Probably. But history says something else. 

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