Never Gives Up Does He?


Liberal MP Wayne Easter called for the Agriculture Minister’s resignation Wednesday after he heard about comments made by the minister making light of deaths attributed to the listeriosis crisis, including a PEI fatality he hoped was Mr. Easter.

The remarks were made in a conference call on Aug. 30 at the height of the listeriosis crisis, between Gerry Ritz and members of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Mr. Ritz joked during the call that the crisis was causing the government a death of a thousand cuts “or should I say the death of a thousand cold cuts.”

When informed that one fatality had taken place in Prince Edward Island, Mr. Ritz is reported to have said, “please tell me it’s Wayne Easter.” Mr. Easter is the Liberal agriculture critic.

All right children!!!! Spell it with me – C.L.E.A.N. campaign.

UPDATE : And what does this comment mean?

“In a time of economic uncertainty, I do think the country needs a strong government that’s able to govern,” Mr. Harper told journalists in Toronto. “My concern is that obviously, going forward, that we have a government that’s going to be sabotaged by a bunch of parties who don’t want our economy to be successful.”

What!!?!!! Again Harper proves that he is following the Rovian handbook of campaigning.

In the past few months all opposition parties have time and time again walked in-step with the conservatives. Be it arm twisting or a “dare” by the conservatives but we seen that Liberals, NDP and the BLOC have voted with the Harper government on one issue or the other. And it was the CONSERVATIVES who brought down their own government and not the opposition parties.

What the hell is this guy talking about? Here’s a clear picture of how effective Harper has been :

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives always has such interesting ideas about what we can do other than the status quo. Their document has some interesting facts. After several attempts to get excel to create a pretty graph, I’m going to give you the table and let you take a look. I’d love it if someone had a good graphing program which they could direct me to.

The low scores are mostly conservative governments, and they remain the low scores even when you factor the time in.

Harper really needs to stop wearing these sweaters. They are probably cutting his blood supply to the brain.

2 thoughts on “Never Gives Up Does He?

  1. PeterC September 19, 2008 / 6:26 am

    Wow, I’ve been quoted.

    That’s a first. :) Thanks.

  2. agsharma September 19, 2008 / 12:41 pm

    Well if you are going to put good blog posts, you are going to be linked. Get used to it!!

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