3 More Dead

And so it continues…….

An explosion that killed three troops and wounded another west of Kandahar marked a devastating strike against the Canadian Forces by insurgents whose recent attacks have come in rapid succession.

Sergeant Shawn Eades, Corporal Dustin Wasden and Sapper Stephan Stock died in the attack on Wednesday.

It was the worst one-day toll for the Canadians since July 4 of last year when six soldiers were lost in a single explosion. And it occurred in the same week that 10 French troops were killed in an ambush near Kabul and three Polish troops were killed when a bomb struck their vehicle in the central part of the country.

Let these young kids keep on dying for an objective that is ill defined and ill served by our “esteemed” politicians. Fine, for what ever reason these soldiers are still out there. I hope that they are lead by sharp and responsible leaders.

But Brigadier-General Denis Thompson, the commander of Task Force Kandahar, said he does not believe the spate of coalition deaths means the Taliban are getting stronger.

“What I’d say is they are much more aggressive this fighting season than they have been in the past,” Gen. Thompson told an evening news conference held to announce the deaths.

“The difference is they are not holding any of the ground that they attack us on. So in the case of an IED [improvised explosive device] strike, they will inflict some casualties but they don’t control the road that they inflicted the casualties on. So really the net effect is zero.”

There are areas of Afghanistan that are under Taliban control.

But “not here in Kandahar province,” he said, “and I am only concerned with Kandahar province.”

This is about the dumbest statement made by a ranking official. Does he not have people telling him that he is sounding like a complete idiot?

“The net effect is zero”? What the hell do you mean by that? 3 soldiers died and you have the gall to say that the net effect is zero? I think even the village idiot would have recognised by now that Taliban modus operandi is to disrupt everyday life and not to “hold land” like this moronic Brigadier General is saying. I think he needs to be given a dictionary so that he can look up the meaning of “Insurgency”.

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