It’s difficult to understand why a sporting powerhouse like Canada has not won a single medal yet. I can only hope that the best is yet to come. They have come tantalisingly close, but in the end, the result has always been against Canada. My money (really) is on Simon WhitfieldJames Steacy (a surprise!!), Melanie Kok and Tracey Cameron, and, of course, Adam van koeverden.

As for my country of birth (India), it has been good news. Abhinaz Bindra won the first individual gold medal for India, ever. For a country that size (both in terms of population and actual size) that is pitiful. But all kudos to Abhinav who proved that not all Indians flicker just before olympics. Another hopeful is Akhil Kumar in boxing who just beat out the heavy weights in his class. Here’s hoping that India will win some more medals and jusitfy it’s presence in the olympics.

UPDATE : Go Ryan Cochrane.

UPDATE 2 : Go Canada!!!

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