And Here Come The Stupid

One has to wonder how a seemingly smart intelligent person can say something so fantastically stupid and dumb that all you can do is shrug your shoulders. The latest being the “Obama Tyre Gauges” scrap. Here is Obama saying something smart, something honest, something my mechanic tells me everytime I get my car serviced and something that all the experts say “keep the car engine serviced and keep your tyres at optimum pressure, you will see your fuel usage go down”.

And what happens next is something that has been seen over and over again from the Right. Just like Howard Dean’s “BOOYAAAAAAH”; Just like John Kerry’s “Flip Flop”, the Right has picked on an absolute nonsence point and run away with it. No one talks of issues, foreign policies, economic policies etc. Nope. They all want to talk of “Tyre Pressure Gauges”.

I am hoping against hope that the citizens of US are not too stupid to fall for this crap again.

UPDATE : I love Wolcott’s assessment of McCain’s ad.

5) The real message of the McCain ad is that they’re envious of Obama’s elan vital, and are reduced to mocking what they covet, Envy makes a person look petty, and a petty, peevish John McCain will be indistinguishable from the Bob Dole of 1996 if he doesn’t “big up.” Right now his campaign is making Obama look like the mature one, which may explain why at least one longtime McCain loyalist is barking from the shadows.

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