Margot And The Nuclear So And So’s

Went to see Margot And The Nuclear So And So’s last night at the Horseshoe Tavern.

First impression? The band was tight and played absolutely superb music. I was afraid that the new material that they were going to introduce would put me to sleep. But the new stuff was really good. Waiting eagerly for their new album now. Their set was really good but short. And they started at 10:45pm on a week night!!! Don’t they know half of their audience doesn’t have a life and need to get to work early next morning!!?!

The musicians looked like they just got off the street. The lead singer looked like his second job was busking at the corner and he just strolled in to sing a few songs before he went back to his main job. There were a total of 8 musicians on the stage which is why it was surprising that the music was so good. There were a few mistakes here and there but on the whole they played as true professionals. I also liked the diversity in the group. There was a woman, Mexicans and Chinese.

And can we please request all musicians to stop saying things like “I love Toronto. I could live in Toronto for the rest of my life. Toronto rocks” and so on. I know you are going for yells of agreement but it just makes you look pathetic.

On the whole a great evening.

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