Right from the word go these guys just rocked. The concert started at 9:10pm and they did not let up until 10:45pm. The music was awesome, the showmanship by Chris Martin and Will Champion was exceptional and the way they engaged the crowd was captivating. The quietest of the four was Berryman, the bass player. The liveliest was, according to me, the drummer Champion. Probably because he was really into the concert.

One thing I noted was that they really attempt to connect with the fan on personal levels. From performing a couple of songs (acoustic, of course) in the nose bleed section to commenting on a person s camera (“Hey! I have that camera. Isn t it great?”). I always have respect for musicians who make the whole show somehow about the audience and not about themselves.

On the whole, I highly recommend their concert and will probably go see them again.

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