Marriages Made In…….Craigslist?


In February, we introduced you to a couple who reconnected in an extraordinary way. Amy Belastock and Dan Poehling originally met on a flight in June 2007 while waiting in line for the bathroom. They instantly connected and talked for 40 minutes, but Dan never asked for her number. Realizing what a huge mistake he made, Dan’s friends encouraged him to post on the Craigslist “Missed Connections” section. Amy found his post the next day and they reunited! Have you been wondering what happened next?!

The publicity didn’t stop after our show — Amy and Dan also appeared in the Boston Globe. Amy is still in Boston, but she’s moving to Chicago in two weeks, where they will be living together (for the first time) in a condo they recently purchased! Amy will soon be the principal at a Chicago elementary school. Their friends and family affectionately call them the “Craigslist Couple,” and they will be getting married next month!

So Craigslit even deals in marriages!!?!! Awesome!! Is there any aspect of our lives that Craisglist does not touch?

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