Tennis And Corruption

I just love this sport. I love it so much that I am bypassing my cardinal rule on bringing up Rhea. I bought her a kids’ tennis racket and I will make an attempt to force her to love the game I love.

However, this just makes me sad.

An independent review of possible match fixing in professional tennis recommended that 45 matches played in the last five years be investigated because betting patterns gave a strong indication that gamblers were profiting from inside information. While finding that professional tennis is neither “systematically nor institutionally corrupt,” the report cautioned that the scale of the suspicious matches left no room for “complacency.”

I would have never ever expected this to happen to Tennis. But why not? Players burn out by the time they are 27-28 which means that they have that small window in which to earn as much as they can. If an opportunity comes along in which a player can earn enormous amount without actually putting in too much effort, then why not. Hell, I would do it.

It’s just sad to see it happen to one sport which I was sure was immune to corruption. Oh well.

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