While searching for a job here is what I found. This has got to be a prank of some kind (I have underlined the parts that require re-reading) :

Our client is an industry leader in the field of marketing and advertising for digital entertainment. More importantly, they have a kick ass army of software developers and user experience ninjas working on products ranging from websites to games to ecommerce. They have been around for years in Vancouver, and now have a sister office in downtown Toronto – 85 people and growing!

What You Will Be Doing…

    • Review requirements and designs

    • Develop and execute comprehensive test cases

    • Report on test lifecycle progress

    • Log finely-crafted bug reports that hum with graceful attention to detail

    • Alert team to emerging issues and concerns

The Ideal Candidate…

    • Bachelors degree in either Computer Science or related Engineering discipline

    • 1+ years experience in software QA

    • 2+ years Jedi training

    • Solid understanding of the software development lifecycle

    • Spectacular communication and interpersonal skills

This position is ideal for someone looking to contribute energy, technical know-how and responsibility to a high-speed development environment.

Ability to gracefully ride a clown bike while playing a trombone, chewing bubblegum, and reciting classic stand-up routines is a Definite Bonus.

I think I am going to apply for this job, just for kicks!!

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