Oh Dear God!!


How is it possible for a country that offers this :-

New Delhi – India’s satellite launch vehicle PSLV-C9 is set to launch 10 satellites in one go on Monday, officials said.

The PSLV-C9 is scheduled to put in orbit the Cartosat-2A remote sensing satellite along with an Indian mini-satellite and eight foreign nano satellites, S Satish, spokesman for the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), said.

“The 230-tonne rocket (PSLV-C9) will carry a luggage of 824 kilograms,” he said. Cartosat-2A weighs about 690 kilograms an carries a panchromatic camera that can record high-clarity images covering a swathe of 9.6 kilometres.

…..have people that believe in dumb sh*t like this?

Religious traditions are diverse and sometimes as bizarre as they can get. A village in Solapur, Maharashtra, has a dangerous tradition of throwing newborns from a height of 50 feet onto a sheet, which is held by devotees.

The infants are thrown off the roof of the Baba Sheikh Umar Saheb Dargah in Musti village in Solapur. This is an age-old tradition practiced by couples who are blessed with a child after taking a vow at the dargah. The devotees also believe that this ritual is good for the health of the child.

….and here is the kicker…..

Both Muslim and Hindu families take part in this ritual, however the state administration chooses not to interfere and provides heavy police security during the ritual every year.

So, terrified children are deemed not to need protection but people who throw children from 50 feet do? Sometimes, I am glad I am not raising my daughter in India.

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