Oh This Is Absolutely Sh*t


Rogers Communications Inc. is gearing up to make Internet use more expensive for consumers who have a penchant for chewing up bandwidth by downloading movies or playing video games online.

Bandwidth hogs who exceed their allotted limits on Rogers’s networks will face service-fee penalties of up to $5 a gigabyte, to a maximum of $25 a month.

I download movies and music heavily so I am definitely going to be affected. I don’t like the idea of paying more money than the $50 a month that I am charged by Roger’s but if that’s the price that the Internet monopolies of Canada have decided then so be it. But what really bugs the doodie out of me is this

On Tuesday, it was revealed that Bell Canada is rolling out a new strategy that restricts certain types of online traffic on its own networks and those it provides to third-party ISP wholesalers.

Both Rogers and Bell employ “shaping” techniques that slow down some kinds of Internet activity – mostly peer-to-peer and torrent file-sharing traffic transmissions of large files such as videos – and give priority to other data.

What the f*ucking hell!!?! That means that not only do I have to pay top dollars for their ‘un-limited” bandwidth, I also have to be subjected to data filtering? This is absolute crap. So muc for net neutrality in Canada.

Does anyone know of any other company providing Internet connections beside Bell and Roger’s in Toronto?

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