What A Moron


A baby died after her father forgot to take her to day care Friday morning, officials told KPRC Local 2.

Houston police said the father discovered his mistake when he got to the day care at Crawford Street near Rosedale Street in southeast Houston Friday evening. He was there to pick up his 7-month-old daughter and her brother, who was taken to the facility separately.

Houston police Sgt. Robert Blain said, “He forgot about dropping her off and instead went directly to work at Rice University and parked in the parking lot over there. He returned around 5 p.m. to his car, drove back to pick up his son and his daughter at day care and upon arrival here at day care, discovered the 7-month-old infant was in the back of the car.”

I don’t care how sorry this guy is, it is, simply put, his fault that the baby died and the police should charge him for murder. I just don’t understand how the hell can you forget your kid in the car. What a moron.

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