Trent Reznor

The first time I heard his music was on the sound track of Natural Born Killers. I remember listening to the song burn (the video is not for the faint hearted) and feeling goosebumps all over me. Ever since I have been collecting Nine Inch Nails albums. My admiration for the guy went up a number of notches when he said this at a concert :

He totally recoganises what is wrong with the music industry. Their business model that’s worked for a few decades is failing and failing miserably. Instead of helping the fans of music and assist them in their passion, the music industry is alienating their consumers and then they wonder why they are loosing out on sales. Radiohead showed what a popular band could accomplish by bypassing music labels.

Reznor tried the a similar formula (I believe he tried this before but without the Nine Inch Nails brand name) with his new album titled Ghosts with a key difference. The album is in four parts. The first part is free for download, a kind of sampler (which Reznor put on The Pirate Bay) . Then there are tiers. You could download the entire album for $5 or you could get a set of CDs and download for $10. Or you could pay $75 which includes download, CDs, data CD, a DVD and a blue-ray DVD. Or you could have taken the limited option worth $300 which is now sold out.

So, I did what was expected. I first sampled the first CD and absolutely loved it. I then went back to the site and paid $5 and downloaded the rest of the album which I have listened to atleast 10 times in the last 5 days.

Why oh why can’t the music industry listen to us, the fans. I would be willing to part my dollars for a product that I think is worth it and not moan later about getting ripped off. That’s why I had stopped purchasing music in the traditional way. I sample (from torrents and myspace) and then I may or may not make a purchase. If the purchase is out of my reach, I make no attempt to buy the music. If RIAA or CRIA want to pursue a case against us fans for not buying their product (and lets not kids ourselves, the artists (especially the no bands with little or no recognition) have no control over their products once it leaves their hands), they are only hurting themselves in the process.

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