Still Denying It.

Here is the previous press secretary of the Bush Administration, the inimitable Tony Snow, who had this exchange with Bill Maher…..

MAHER: In fact, the smarter people in his administration said to do just that. “We need more boots on the ground. We need more security.” But because he’s stubborn and stupid, he said, “No, let’s do it Rumsfeld’s way. Let’s do it the light way.” So it took him five years to come around to what should have been done five years ago. And — and while he was learning on the job, people paid for that in blood. […]

SNOW: Well, wait a minute. Look, I don’t know where to start, but I’ll start at the beginning. Number one, when it comes to the war, everybody — it’s great to be a backseat general, and everybody gets it wrong at the beginning of a war. But there were plenty of — no, it’s true.

Aaaaaaah….another “you go to war with the army you have and not the army you want” moment from ex-Bushie. It’s amazing how some people for all the brilliant brains they might possess, are incapable of admitting that they were completely wrong.

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