The Torture Policy

So, there is a huge debate on torture going on
in the USA (1).

The side For torture, constitutes mostly the
republicans and the 101st Keyboard fighting
brigade (2) who say that torture is completely
acceptable in the "war on terrah". After all a
lunatic might be ready to detonate a suitcase
nuclear bomb right now so let's extract the
information any way we can! Bring on
waterboarding (3), sleep deprivation (4),
etc, etc.

The side Against torture, mostly the progressives,
say that torture is totally against the nature
of the United States of America. The country
was founded on the principles of humanity and
torture does not fit in any where.

IMHO, torture will never go away. It has existed
for thousands for years and will continue to exist
for the next thousand. So to pick at details of
what constitutes torture and what does not, is
an utter waste of time. What must be done is
to come down hard against mis-use of a military
"torture policy" and this can only be done by
the people in charge.

And here lies the entire problem with the current
debate in the US of A. The people in charge are
actually ADVOCATING a proactive torture policy!

These poor fools cite study after study and
experts after experts on how it is totally
acceptable and necessary to torture. What they
must be doing is to make public statements
against the torture incidents and hold very
public inquiries on the deaths 100s of people
(I refuse to use the word terrorists as the charge
is never laid out). The interrogation techniques
should be reviewed by the military (and only by
the military) with clear indication that
interrogators responsible for deaths or serious
mental disorder of the people being interrogated
will be facing nothing short of a court marshal.

And to all those who say that in times of a war
when critical information is time sensitive (5),
then "niceties" can be thrown to the wind, you,
my friend, have just become a terrorist yourself.




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