The Handbook Of Denying Torture Allegations

I had thought that this was over (1).

(2) The federal government is dismissing an incendiary
newspaper report about the continued abuse of detainees in Afghanistan.
Prisoners at an Afghan jail in Kandahar are being bashed
with bricks, having their fingernails ripped out, getting electrocuted,
being forced to stand up without sleeping and are whipped with electric
cables, Montreal La Presse reported on Monday.
The newspaper cites interviews with three prisoners and
independent sources including a spokesman for the Afghan Human Rights
Commission and a prison boss.
But here is the classic response from politicians, you know the one who have
a hand book from the Americans

"We do expect these kinds of allegations from the Taliban,"
said Tory House leader Peter Van Loan.

What an impeccable argument!! There is no way to refute what he said because
it is the Taliban who are disseminating that information and since Taliban
are known to be liars, this new piece of news must be a lie. No matter that
it came from investigative journalists backed by Human rights'
organisations. What the hell are the conservatives up to?




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