Xenophobia Strikes Again!!

Now we have Stephen Harper jumping on the idiots’ bandwagon comprising, among others, Charest and Dion. The headlines, in bold, is MUSLIM WOMEN DO NOT NEED TO SHOW THEIR FACES WHEN VOTING. As soon as this headline is in on the paper, the comments section at www.globeandmail.com are deluged with letters from the ignoramuses of Canada confirming what their leaders say, Muslim women have to show their faces when voting. Everyone has become a voice for “Canadian Values” and how Muslims should assimilate instead of trying to change even though leading Muslim groups are trashing this press release.

How did this controversy start?

This started from an a press release from the Chief Electoral Officer, Marc Mayrand that got huge xenophobic press attention. MUSLIMS DO NOT NEED TO UNCOVER THEIR FACES TO VOTE. I swear Alice’s wonderland was probably not this goofy. Here is how this whole scenario was played out :

On September 6th, a press release by Elections Canada stated that for an elector wearing face covering veils are allowed to vote under the following conditions (from www.elections.ca):

  • The elector may choose to unveil, OR
  • The elector can produce a second original piece of identification from the Chief Electoral Officer of Canada’s authorized list of identification as proof of the individual’s identity, OR
  • Another elector registered in the same polling division who is able to produce satisfactory identification establishing his or her own identity and residential address could vouch for the elector. Both the voucher and vouchee would be required to make a sworn statement under oath. An elector can vouch only for one elector.

Holy cow!!! Elections Canada is a snivelling, pandering liberal institute. The Chief should be hanged!!! What is he trying to do? Is he trying to put his own agenda into the laws of the land? Is he…….oh wait. It already IS a law? Here’s the actual facts. You will be able to see how a mountain is made out of a mole hill?

Until the bill C-31 was passed on 20th February 2007 by the policy makers of Canada (including parties presided by Harper, Dion and Charest), anyone could vote without really having to remove the veil. Our esteemed politicians were the ones to plug that hole. This is what the actual bill says

21. Sections 143 to 145 of the Act are replaced by the following:

Elector to declare name, etc.


(1) Each elector, on arriving at the polling station, shall give his or her name and address to the deputy returning officer and the poll clerk, and, on request, to a candidate or his or her representative. Proof of identity and residence

(2) If the poll clerk determines that the elector’s name and address appear on the list of electors or that the elector is allowed to vote under section 146, 147, 148 or 149, then, subject to subsection

(3), the elector shall provide to the deputy returning officer and the poll clerk the following proof of his or her identity and residence:

(a) one piece of identification issued by a Canadian government, whether federal, provincial or local, or an agency of that government, that contains a photograph of the elector and his or her name and address; or

(b) two pieces of identification authorized by the Chief Electoral Officer each of which establish the elector’s name and at least one of which establishes the elector’s address.


(3) An elector may instead prove his or her identity and residence by taking the prescribed oath if he or she is accompanied by an elector whose name appears on the list of electors for the same polling division and who

(a) provides to the deputy returning officer and the poll clerk the piece or pieces of identification referred to in paragraph (2)(a) or (b), respectively; and

(b) vouches for him or her on oath in the prescribed form.


(4) If the deputy returning officer is satisfied that an elector’s identity and residence have been proven in accordance with subsection (2) or (3), the elector’s name shall be crossed off the list and, subject to section 144, the elector shall be immediately allowed to vote.

It says clearly on the bill passed by the same idiots now trying to score cheap political points that any person who does not want to show his or her face. Note it does not say because of religious reasons, in other words, I may have a gash on my face and am heavily bandaged and, therefore, cannot prove my identity through a photo ID, I will have to show two ID cards OR have another voter vouch for me.

The only reason I can discern for Elections Canada to put this press release is that they must have received calls regarding veiled women. So, they clarified the situation through a press release and, committed the cardinal sin of putting the words VEILED WOMEN in the release. By doing so they called forth the closet racists and bigots who don’t make the simple effort of actually looking at the Bill’s wording. If they had they would have realised that our pathetic politicians are the ones who allowed such a situation to arise in the first place.

IMHO, this clause is completely justifiable. As I explained, there could be instances where one’s identity cannot be proved just by looking at the photo ID. You need some back up plan. Until we cannot have our DNA coded on the fly, I think this law will suffice quite fine. And if veiled women want to take advantage of the law, they are welcome to do so.

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