Rhea : 4 Years Old

Dear Rhea,

You turned 4 years old on the 16th August 2007.

You were born at 8:58am on 16th August, 2003. I remember It was a Saturday
morning. The day before was the famous Black Out of 2003. Google it and you
will find out that there was no electricity for 2 days. Your mom was
scratchy all over and the heat did not help at all. We were at a friend's
place watching the movie Hungama (a hilarious Hindi movie) and while
watching it, your mother's water broke. We waited until around 2 am and then
left for the hospital. And 9 hours later you came into our lives.

I will never forget that moment when I first saw you. Your head popped out
and you were not crying at all. The doctors quickly pulled you and there was
another team that immediately started to revive you. It took them a few
seconds and then I heard that Waaaah!! The doctors cleaned you up and
wrapped you in some blankets and passed you to me.

The feelings that washed through me at that point are quite difficult to
describe. There you were….weighing at 6 pounds and 48 ounces at no more
than 52 inches tall. But more than that was the feeling that this little
baby was going to call me her father. It was not a burden but a sudden
realisation that my life made complete sense. I was born to make sure that
you were born. Of course, logically, it's a lot more complicated than that
but that's how I felt at that point.

Since then you have enriched my life in more ways than I can list. Your
laughter lights up my gloomy mood. When you say "Papa, I love you". I feel
like I soaring the sky. When you sing your favourite song from The Little
Mermaid (called Part Of Your World – I have a clip of you singing it, remind
me to show it to you) it brings a huge smile to my face. And when you do
your bum dance in the shower I am on the floor with laughter.

Of course, you drive me crazy too. I hope that by the time you read this,
your eating habits would have improved. That's the only time when you and I
don't get along at all. You are convinced after 2 bites that you have had
your lunch and then you and I get into an argument which, if I may add, you
win most of the times. Because, there is one thing I cannot bear to see. And
that is to see you cry. When you start crying all my anger and all my
annoyance simply melts away. Something tells me that you are going to take
advantage of this fact later on in your life. I do pretend to still be angry
with you to get the point across but my anger, by this time, is usually

Nothing in world means more to me than you do. My love for you grows day by
day. When I look at you as you sleep I feel so blessed and lucky to have you
as my daughter.

Your papa.

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