A Global baby

Technology is truly amazing. Here is a story bound to warm your heart.

In a South Mumbai clinic, a global child is waiting to be born — after the prospective parents, of varying ethnicities, explored markets in three continents, gathered the ingredients that go into the making of human life and decided to create it using India’s medical expertise.

If all goes well, acupuncture physician Nicole Brown (45) and her husband Scott (39), an insurer, can expect to conceive in India and deliver a child in the US after a full term of pregnancy. A child for which they travelled through Argentina, Greece, Vietnam before landing in India on July 27. A child for which they have flown an egg donor from Vietnam to Mumbai, to retain Nicole’s oriental ethnicity.

Ah! The wonders of science. The rest of the article goes on to explain how India was chosen by this couple as the place to conceive and it’s a wonderful story about how a couple’s dream has come true.

But what really irks me how a national newspaper shamelessly inserts a glowing PR of India’s medical industry.

This multi-racial, transcontinental, two-and-a-half-year odyssey reflects the personal touch and professional maturity of India’s medical outsourcing industry in particular the skills that India can now offer the world, from running insurance checks for US companies to verifying genetic information for clients in Europe.

I know India is really doing well but one sign that Indians have “matured” is to stop calling themselves geniuses all the time. Every major publication in India is guilty of this fact. I mean come one!! Be mature and wait for the accolades. Don’t serve them and eat them yourself. That’s childish and not “mature.

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