God The Utterly Wrong

I hate the concept of god. It took me a while to get to the truth and am very happy to be where I am at this point.

My problem is how do I get my daughter to, so to speak, see the light. I don’t want her to wait 34 years before she realises that the concept of god is truly and utterly wrong. I want her to grow up with the truth. I want her to know that god is not an entity but a ghost in everyone’s mind. I want her to know that to achieve something in life, one does not need to visit the temple and pray for it but rather to achieve it with her own will and belief in herself.

But I also don’t want to force my belief in her. I’d rather she discover the truth herself. I’d rather she approach me to tell me why she believes there is no god and not the other way around.

Raising kids is really tough!!

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