Ok, how is this different from the premise in the movie Matrix where the human body is basically a battery?

Scientists are working on a new type of nanogenerator that could draw the necessary energy from flowing blood in the human body, by using the beating heart and pulsating blood vessels.

Zhong Lin Wang and colleagues at the Georgia Institute of technology hope to be able to incorporate the new nanogenerator into biosensors, environmental monitoring devices and even personal electronics that will require no fuel source, internal or external.

It will produce its own electricity while immersed in biological fluids or other liquids, using ultrasonic waves as the energy source. So far, they achieved the nanogenerator effect in an array of nanowires that could produce as much as 4 watts/cubic centimeter.

Boy, can`t wait for the religious nuts to cry FOUL.

I have no idea why Hollywood and popular culture continues to harbour suspicion of humans trying to better our bodies with new technologies. There will come a time when a person’s damaged brain will be supplemented by an artificial brain. Will that person be considered less than any other human being? So why are we always afraid of exploring the realms of science (E.g. Stem Cell Research) when the benefits to human society are huge.

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