Moronic Mainstream


Canadians appear to be a fickle bunch when it comes to deciding what federal political party to support — cool comfort for leaders trying to gauge their chances.

A new Decima poll, provided to The Canadian Press, suggests that a whopping 57 per cent of voters have changed their political allegiances over the past few months. That’s up from 48 per cent of wavering voters two years ago.

The highest volatility was among women and middle-income earners, and in Atlantic Canada.

I have a really hard time understanding why the mainstream media like the “esteemed” Globe And Mail have a hard time about people changing their minds. It happens to me all the time. Yesterday I thought blonds were hot….now I think all women regardless of their hair colour are hot. This is what comes with LEARNING.

And that’s the case with politics. E.g. climate change because of human activity is a growing concern, everyone is looking for a party that puts emphasis on better climate controls. And if the party that they had been supporting all along gives not a shit about the climate, fine then let’s look elsewhere. That called a smart decision NOT fickleness.

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