The Customer Is Always Right

When I saw the headline (Passage from India: bank switches its customer calls back to UK), I thought “That’s interesting, so the business model is failing”. But no. That’s not the reason why the call centre was shut down :

The Lloyds TSB in-house union, the Lloyds TSB Group union, claimed that more than 400,000 Lloyds TSB customers had signed a petition saying they were opposed to having their financial arrangements handled abroad, although the bank insisted this was not the reason for the reversal.

The Lloyds TSB Mumbai call centre opened in 2004 and at its peak employed 700 staff. When it was opened, Lloyds shut a call centre in Newcastle with the loss of 968 jobs.

Steve Tatlow, assistant general secretary of the union, said: “This is a victory for common sense. Lloyds TSB’s reputation has been seriously damaged because of customer dissatisfaction with having to deal with the India call centre, with customers and staff unable to understand each other.”

Highlighted by me.

I whole heartedly agreed with this person until he made his last statement. So, people in India speak Martians’ English while those in England speak propaher English. What utter crap. This probably happened because of some local politician trying to score voting points. Barclays and HSBC still have their customers dial call centres out of UK. Do the majority of the 20 million customers of these two banks (as compared to 400,000 customers of Lloyds) complain about not “understanding” the staff. What a moron!!

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