A rant…..

Another racial incident on TV.

The popular British reality show “Celebrity Big Brother” has had plenty of disputes in the past, but none of them have sparked more of a debate outside the walls of the house than the past week’s events. Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty has been seen as a victim of racism in the house after verbal attacks from her house mates.

And that set the ball rolling. Politicians, media, mothers, fathers, children etc. all got involved on how the show is bringing out the racist in the contestants. The Indian TV news channels had nothing else but the row on Big Brother.

But my question is, what’s new?

Racism exists in all societies. I have faced it here in the “multi-culturistic” society of Toronto. My non-white friends have faced it in Toronto and other parts of Canada and USA.

Everyone is a closet racist.

Heck, no one is more racist than an Indian!! Talk to one north Indian about south Indians and you will hear the words “darkies (in Hindi, of course) “at least 10 times in one minute. Ask an Indian about Africans and you will be shocked and surprised to hear the words “Nigger” from the chocolate folks of the “divine” country.

I think there is nothing wrong in showing the true nature of human beings via TV. I abhor reality TV but if a social issue is on display, hell, let it play out cause that’s what we are….stupid, low brow humans. To have the media jump up and down and salivate on a complete non-issue like this is stupid and degrading to their professions (as if they could be “degraded” further!!). This is exactly what an Indian politician and other personalities need. They will say :

“Those westerners have no culture.”

“These are the western values. We should teach them about values.”

In the meantime in India people are dying of hunger, children are being forced in prostitution, wives are being burnt for lack of dowry, poverty is rampant and spreading. No one gives a shit about that news. Our rich celebrity is being bullied in a show (that paid her a retainer) so let us all rally to her defense.

And, oh the 3 year old girl eating garbage in front of our house, hell, at least she is eating. Switch on the TV.

I think this article has it absolutely right.

Claims that Indian actress Shilpa Shetty was bullied and subjected to racist taunts by other contestants made headlines around the world.

More than 40,000 people complained to British media watchdog Ofcom, questions were asked in the House of Commons and protests were held in India.

“This was in danger of being the most boring BB that we’d had in many years – maybe ever,” Lygo told Broadcast magazine. “We were thinking ‘Oh dear – what can we do?’

“And then suddenly … this argument erupted which was taken on by the media and erupted into this extraordinary story.”

While one minister accused Channel 4 of passing off racism as entertainment, Mr Lygo said it was “fantastic” the show had sparked a debate on racism in Britain.

“Would I prefer it had been raised in the beautifully controlled perfect way of (current affairs program) Dispatches? Yes – but it’s not going to cause this sort of debate,” he said.

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