Razzle Dazzle – Indian Style

So, a movie from Bollywood was screened for the first time in North America.

Two of Indian cinema’s biggest stars took the red carpet in Toronto on Thursday night, thrilling South Asian film fans and sparking many to dub the city Bollywood West.
Organizers billed Thursday evening’s premiere as the first time a Bollywood film has ever debuted outside India.
Both the producers of Guru and Toronto officials have cited the city’s large South Asian community and culture of movie aficionados as reasons for the premiere.

Trying to bring some “Indian” culture to the west, eh? Well, the true introduction to “Indian culture” was :

Indian megastars Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai arrived several hours late for the gala premiere of their new film Guru. But the estimated 1,200 fans didn’t seem to mind, devotedly standing and screaming for the two actors outside Toronto’s Elgin Theatre.

(highlighted by me)

See, Indians as a rule never value your time. The higher you are in the social strata, the more ignorant you become to the common person’s value. And that true of Bollywood stars, politicians, bureaucrats etc. etc. etc.

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