Why Oh Why Does He Put His Foot In His Mouth?

In the next federal election (whenever it happens), I will probably vote for S. Dion of the Liberal party. I have always liked his message and even though he was not able to accomplish much during his tenure in the environment ministry, it seems his heart is in the right place.

However, if he continues to put his foot in his mouth like this again and again, I might have to re-think my opinion of him :

OTTAWA – The possibility of a spring election surfaced yesterday as Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion said he expects to oppose the next Conservative budget. This would mean he would join with Bloc Leader Gilles Duceppe, his old political foe, who has already declared he too is willing to topple Stephen Harper’s minority government.

……….Mr. Dion said it will be hard for Mr. Harper to cobble together a budget that meets the approval of the House. “Would I [be] able to say to my colleagues, I love the budget that Mr.
Harper is presenting? It’s very unlikely,” Mr. Dion said at a press conference on the day after the close of Parliament’s fall session.

OK. What the hell was that? He has not even seen the budget and he is ready to hate it? Is he, after all is done and said, a typical politician? God, I hope not. I have much expectation from this guy.

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